Montebau in Montenegro


1. Установка по нивелиру рельс-форм (Tre-Form). Служат одновременно швом, опалубкой и направляющей для виброрейки.
2. Укладка бетонной смеси и ее обработка глубинными вибраторами.
3. Выравнивание поверхности бетона виброрейкой.
4. Удаление из бетонной смеси химически несвязанной воды при помощи специального оборудования (вакуумирование).
5. Механическая обработка поверхности заглаживающими дисками и затирочными ножами, обеспечивающими высокую ровность и износостойкость верхней части бетонного основания.

glish version:
1. Installation on a needed level of rails-forms (Tre-Form) which serve simultaneously as a seam, a timbering and support for surface vibrator;
2. Placement of a concrete mixture and its processing by deep vibrators;
3. Alignment of a surface of concrete with a surface vibrator;
4. Removal from a concrete mixture of chemically untied water by means of the special equipment (vacuum system);
5. Mechanical surface treatment finishing by smoothing rotating discs and smoothing knives serves for high flatness precision and durability of top layer of concrete foundation.

The Tremix name was given from the Latin words tremolo and mixare, which means vibrate and mix respectively. Tremix philosophy is to develop and manufacture machines in close cooperation with customers. Tremix stands for high quality products and applications for professional users. Today Tremix offers a broad product range not only concrete equipment and machinery but for soil and asphalt compaction as well: