Montebau in Montenegro

Conventional lights need to be replaced by most advanced LED same as drywalls need to be replaced by stretched ceilings and walls. Let's make a nice combination of both taking most advance Wi-Fi operated RGB* strip LEDs and most advanced stretched fabric CLIPSO ceilings.

Expenses and efforts are much less but the result is really amazing. Just have a look at the picture above - there is no any grandmas style ugly lighting fixture. Clean plane CLIPSO ceiling glows from inside by hidden LED flexible RGB*strip. More over colors and brightness of your CLIPSO ceiling can be adjusted by your own smart phone according to your own mood and choice!

 At the moment more and more products are linked to mobile devices like smart phones and tablet PCs bringing to our living standard intelligence and simplicity. Thus latest WiFi LED RGB* controllers are smartly designed enabling your own mobile devices like Android & iOS phones, tablet PCs to serve as a LED remote control as well. Software is one-click download from the web.

Any LED lights can be easily operated by your smart phone when those LEDs are connected to WiFi controller. Your phone can be used as dimmer**, CT controller and even RGB* controller. No need any more to search for numberless remotes. Your own phone alone can serve all your needs. 

In addition, this WiFi model has DIY function. Users can get any effect they want based on our controlling software. If you don't have any mobile devices with the controlling software at hand, you could also use any touch controller T-series. All WiFi and remote wireless control are all based on global universal 2.4GHz frequency band. Share a root 2.4G antenna to avoid bringing radio space pollution by WiFi and remote controls when using different frequency of wireless signal.


* RGB stands for Red Green Blue. It means that you can agjust your ceiling to any collor.
**dimmer means that you can agjust brightness of your ceiling